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Workin’ through the holidays

We keep working so you can relax! Happy 2013, everyone!  

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5 Advanced Features that Realtors Should Add to Their Websites

5 advanced features for real estate websites

Real Estate Websites: Are they Extremely Competitive, or The Most Competitive? To say that ‘Real Estate is – and always will be – a competitive  field’ is to understate it.  It’s “competitive” on steroids!  Technologies that, in one way or another, facilitate buying and selling, are evolving quickly, as are client expectations, and you can […]

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What does “mobile-optimized” mean?

What does mobile-optimized mean? - Web Mobile Image

“Mobile optimized” can mean a lot of things, but, to me, the most important two elements of it are: The site is designed to be read – and look good – on smaller screens, particularly on smart phones; and The site is “thumb navigable” – includes buttons big enough so that people – even those […]

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