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How To Find the Best Web Hosting Service For Your Small Business

Finding a landlord for your website

Searching for a web hosting service is a lot like looking for an apartment. How big your apartment should be depends on how many people and how much “stuff” you have. How much rent can you afford? How safe is the neighborhood? Does the building look nice? Is someone keeping up with maintenance? How responsive is the superintendent when your heater breaks? Do you need amenities like a doorman? A gym? Someone to accept your packages, walk your dog, or water your plants?

Think of a web hosting service as the landlord for your website. The landlord provides a physical space, just as the host provides a server. You store your website on the host’s server, just as you store your belongings in your apartment. The landlord, or web host, can offer bare bones security, maintenance and service, or take care of all the details.

Determining the right type of web hosting for your business depends on the size of your website, your tolerance for keeping to a regular schedule of maintenance and updates, and the difficulty of the changes or additions you plan to make to your site. The range of web hosting services available can cost a few dollars per month (or sometimes even free) to thousands of dollars.

Types of web hosting services often used by small to mid-size businesses, and a comparison of their costs and benefits


  • Best For: Non-critical websites; just-for-fun websites; businesses looking for the least expensive option.
  • Pros: Shared server, usually on nationally known site.
  • Cons: You must regularly back up your site and ensure all software updates are completed. Often: slower connection speeds, outages, sometimes due to hacking, advertising banners may be required. Sometimes domain purchases are required, and sometimes those domain names are non-transferable.
  • Range of Avg. Cost: $3-$10 per month


  • Best For: Small and mid-sized businesses who want affordable hosting combined with more personalized support.
  • Pros: You and other website owners share a single server and its costs, making the service much more affordable for everyone. This option is the most common for small and mid-size businesses.
  • Cons: Security issues can occur when malware attacks the server. If one website on a shared server starts taking up extra bandwidth, the other websites on the server could run slower. Look for hosts who address these issues.
  • Range of Avg. Cost: $50-$500 per month


  • Best For: High-traffic sites that require a lot of system resources, a high level of security, and the fastest performance.
  • Pros: You have the entire server to yourself. An even higher-end option is a Collocated Server, where you purchase (instead of rent) a server, and store it in a host’s warehouse.
  • Cons: Cost can be prohibitive for smaller businesses.
  • Range of Avg. Cost: $500-$15,000 per month and up

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