A 2013 New Year’s Resolution for your Website

As we embark on year 2013 A.D., perhaps you fall into one of the following categories:

  • You’ve been meaning to do some work on your website;
  • You’ve been putting off the process of developing a site in the first place; or
  • Your site needs work but you’re unaware because you haven’t given it much thought at all.

Look, websites need love too!  And no matter which of the above describes you, we’re here to help.  The fact is, we’ve spoken with numerous websites, including yours (if you have one), and we know what they want.   No kidding.  We really know.

“Ok, Jud, smart-aleck, what does my website want?”

Your website wants to represent you to the entire internet-connected world (i.e, the entire world).  It wants to be your agent, your public face, your sales clerk, your fundraiser, your account representative, your 24/7 designated answerer-of-questions and deliverer-of-content.  And it wants to perform these tasks accurately, elegantly, and effectively.

So, with that in mind, here is the New Year’s Resolution your website wants you to adopt.  Repeat after me:

  • Accurate: I resolve to go through my site and check it for accuracy.  Start with the very basics.  If it needs updating, work on it right away.
  • Elegant: I resolve to take an honest look at my site’s design and evaluate whether or not it’s putting my organization’s best face forward.  It may be fine – or it may obviously be time for a re-design.  Remember, this is you presenting YOUR image to the ENTIRE WORLD!  For ideas and perspective, take a look at other sites in your category.
  • Effective: I resolve to give my website the tools and functionality to deliver my message and present my image to the large variety of devices, browsers, and screens that people are using today.  This is the most challenging part of the resolution.  It is no longer enough to design with desktop computers in mind.   There are 256 million 3G mobile device subscribers in the United States alone.  People are searching and surfing the web on all manner of devices – and you don’t know how your next big client, donor, user might be doing accessing your site.  It could be on their desktop, their laptop, their smart phone, their tablet, their Kindle or Nook, their XBox… heck, perhaps even their refrigerator!  The point is, your website WANTS to deliver for you to everyone, but you need to give it the tools to do so.  Want to know how?  Give us a call.

There’s no better time to start than now – and we are ready to work with you to see this resolution through.  Call us!  (Your website wants you to.)

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