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5 Reasons Why It’s Time for a Custom Website Redesign

Let’s say you’ve had a website for your business or organization for a while. It has served you well, but you know there are some things it can be doing better.

When you built it, you didn’t have a huge budget. Maybe you and your team personally helped design it; maybe it was one of those ‘my cousin does websites’ situations; or maybe you used one of the DIY tools out there, like Wix or SquareSpace (both of which are totally legit, by the way).

Since that time, your organization has grown. So have your needs; your brand has evolved, you have more content to present – and maybe more products, and you know of some functionality that works well on other websites that you’d like to add to yours.

It’s time to revisit your website. The question you have is: do we tweak what we have? Or do we go for a custom website redesign?

Gaithersburg HELP custom website redesign project

Custom website redesign project for Gaithersburg HELP

The case for a Custom Website Redesign:

While it might seem daunting to go back to the drawing board and to dedicate a larger budget to the project for custom work, think about it this way; if your current website is a Hyundai, and the site you envision building is a Lincoln Town Car, chances are, it’s more difficult to turn the Hyundai into a Lincoln than it is to just build a new Town Car.


  • You have enough experience to know what you need and you understand the value of how you present your organization to the online world as distinct from all the other players in your field. That’s where the word “custom” comes into ‘custom website redesign!’
  • Your brand has evolved. Your website can and should more effectively convey it. And not in the same way that every other templated site does it. You and your colleagues should have input as to how things work and look.
  • Your website needs to feed into your digital marketing strategy. Whether it’s Calls to Action that really ‘pop,’ social media feeds, or custom submission forms, you have unique needs and goals for your website. You need the flexibility of a custom website redesign.
  • And with a custom website redesign, you get exactly what you want.

So, while the budget may be a bit (to a lot) higher to build exactly what you want and need in your website, the value of presenting your brand, your message, and your products & services more effectively to the world makes a custom website redesign worth every penny.

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