8 Signs That Your Website Needs Work

Here are eight signs your website needs some work:

  1. It Looks Like Your Cousin Designed It… in 1998
    OK, it may not be that bad, but like even the finest French bread, all sites go stale at some point.  Every few years it makes sense to reevaluate the design and functionality and keep it fresh.
  2. It Doesn’t Adequately Represent Your [Company, Cause, Interest]
    During business hours,  for anyone who visits or calls, you and your staff are the faces and voices of your organization.  However, for everyone else in the world at every other time, your website is your public face.   If your website isn’t successfully conveying the image and message you’re trying to present, it’s time to get to work.
  3. No Integration with Social Media
    Social media enables at least two important transactions, which we’ll call the “like” and the “share.”  The “like” or “follow” helps establish an ongoing relationship with your users.  The “share” assists the users in spreading your message, and endorsing your product or service.  Your site needs this functionality.  (And that also goes for you haughty folks who like to boast that you “don’t do Facebook or Twitter.”  You may not, but your website needs to.)
  4. You Need Help Maintaining It
    Most of today’s websites are built on Content Management Systems (CMS), such as WordPress, or Joomla, which are tools designed to make it easy for non-technical people to update parts of their websites.  If you can’t easily sign-in to your site and edit text (at the very least), it’s time for a change!
  5. No Calls to Action
    They found your site.  They navigated it.  They may even like it.  But they left without buying something, or signing on to the cause, or contacting you.  Why?  Because you didn’t ask them to.  If there’s an action to be taken, your site needs to call for it!
  6. It Takes Forever to Load
    Pictures and graphics are good thing, when they’re done right.  When they’re done wrong, they can slow your site down like rush hour gridlock.  Your time is important, as is your users’ time.   With a little planning and optimization you can find the right balance for your site.
  7. It Still Uses Flash
    Flash used to be great!  It was the ‘go to’ format for video and animation on the web.  But times have changed.  When Flash was shown to be a notorious battery-drainer, most mobile devices stopped supporting it.  Now Adobe has abandoned it, and it is on the way to file format heaven.   R.I.P. Flash.  Bottom line: If your site uses it for anything, there’s a segment of the user population who cannot use that part of your site.   Updating that needs to be a priority.
  8. It’s Hard to Read & Navigate on Phone & Tablet
    If you’ve spent any time on this website, you know we preach the gospel of mobile optimization.  The fact is, a significant and growing percentage of people are searching and surfing the web on mobile devices.  Those people include your prospective clients, donors, volunteers, shoppers, etc.  It is important – TODAY – for your site to be mobile-friendly, and it will be more and more important every day from now on.
  • And, Your Call to Action
    If any of the above describe your site, we are ready to help.  Call Jud and Vince today!  (301) 926-6931

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