a web design firm makes life easier, like a dog in a hammock

6 Ways Web Design Firms Make Life Easier

Who was president the last time you updated your website? Depending on your answer, it might be time to find yourself a talented web design firm.

Start by answering a few questions. How effective is your company’s website? Are you proud to show it to potential customers? Does it easily do everything you need it to? Is it taking up time that you’d rather spend elsewhere?

As businesses grow, websites can get outdated quickly.

When you started your company, did you make your own website, or did you hire ‘your cousin’ for a few hundred dollars to fill in a template and get things started?  For hobby websites, or startups with little to no budget, this can be an effective way to create a basic website.

When things get more complicated, it may be time to bring in a professional. As businesses grow, websites can get outdated quickly. If your website is giving you grief, consider how a web design firm can make your life easier.

  1. The Best Web Design Firm Gives You Guidance

    Having a guide through the process of defining your focus and clarifying your intended audience can help you see your business through a new lens. A web design firm can help you, and then use purposeful design strategies to make your website a reflection of your identity.

    Bowl America

    The website’s bright colors and rolling ball logo give the impression of a fun, active place.


  2. The Best Web Design Firm Reduces Your Learning Curve and Frees You Up to Concentrate on Your Core Business

    You probably COULD make a killer website, if you had enough time to devote to studying how-to manuals. You don’t. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel every time you need to change your site. The best web design firms makes sites easy to manage on your own. And they answer phones and emails when you need help.

  3. The Best Web Design Firm Offers Great Service, Especially When You Really Need It

    What about when (not ‘if’) something goes wrong? The guy you hired last year for a few hundred dollars might not be so easy to reach anymore. The strongest indicator of professionalism in a web design firm is the service it provides to clients who are having problems. The best firms are available to help. And they deliver what’s promised, on time and on budget.

  4. The Best Web Design Firm Takes Your Unique Needs into Account

    There comes a time when you realize you need a bit more customization than one of the DIY/out-of-the-box solutions provides. You might need to change the layout of your pages, or perhaps you want your website to have the ability to do more things. Web design firms can create custom features from scratch, or help choose plugins that work for you. For example, Wurdsmith Creative, a video production studio, needed its Vimeo portfolio integrated with its site. The solution was to build in custom functionality that automatically imports videos from their Vimeo page to their website.                                                                           

    Wurdsmith Vimeo Integration


    This website includes an integrated Vimeo portfolio.


  5. The Best Web Design Firm Keeps Up With Industry Trends, So You Don’t Have To

    Do you know what’s most important these days for getting search engines to find your website? Do you know how to ensure your site works on all sizes of devices, from phones to desktops? Across different browser platforms, like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge? Did you even know that Edge was a ‘thing?’ The best web design firm will worry on your behalf about whether your dad can find and read your new site on his iPad. You’ve got better things to do.

  6. The Best Web Design Firm Keeps Your Stuff Safe 

    Worried about website security? Malware? Roving hackers? Brute force attacks? You shouldn’t have to. Hacking is a pervasive problem, but not a personal one. Roving hacker software will regularly try to find weaknesses to exploit in all websites. Web design firms will build safety precautions into your site, and instruct you on the latest security measures to follow to keep hackers out. You can even hire some web design firms to host your site and monitor its security around the clock.

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