Calling Awesome Web Designers & Web Developers!

Design & Development

With some fabulous projects going on at the moment, and more on the way, we have a great team, but we’re always on the lookout for new talent, energy, and inspiration. If you’d like to be considered for future projects, here’s what we’re looking for: Graphic Designers Excellent working knowledge of the standard Adobe Creative […]

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Case Study: REDI for Prime Time

REDI Screen Shot

The New REDI Site Earlier this year, we were fortunate enough to win an RFP to work with Rockville Economic Development Inc. (REDI), a wonderful group that needed a redesign of their website. The Goal The project goal: create a dynamic, easy to navigate, accessible website to increase awareness, enhance their reputation and that of the […]

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8 Signs That Your Website Needs Work

Here are eight signs your website needs some work: It Looks Like Your Cousin Designed It… in 1998 OK, it may not be that bad, but like even the finest French bread, all sites go stale at some point.  Every few years it makes sense to reevaluate the design and functionality and keep it fresh. […]

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A 2013 New Year’s Resolution for your Website

As we embark on year 2013 A.D., perhaps you fall into one of the following categories: You’ve been meaning to do some work on your website; You’ve been putting off the process of developing a site in the first place; or Your site needs work but you’re unaware because you haven’t given it much thought […]

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Workin’ through the holidays

We keep working so you can relax! Happy 2013, everyone!  

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5 Advanced Features that Realtors Should Add to Their Websites

5 advanced features for real estate websites

Real Estate Websites: Are they Extremely Competitive, or The Most Competitive? To say that ‘Real Estate is – and always will be – a competitive  field’ is to understate it.  It’s “competitive” on steroids!  Technologies that, in one way or another, facilitate buying and selling, are evolving quickly, as are client expectations, and you can […]

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What is “responsive design?”

What is responsive design? - Web Mobile Image

Why is responsive design important? Because of the proliferation of tablets and smart phones with varying screen sizes, and, more importantly, because such a growing number of people are using them to search and surf on the web, it makes sense to implement responsive design.  There is no better way to take control of your […]

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What does “mobile-optimized” mean?

What does mobile-optimized mean? - Web Mobile Image

“Mobile optimized” can mean a lot of things, but, to me, the most important two elements of it are: The site is designed to be read – and look good – on smaller screens, particularly on smart phones; and The site is “thumb navigable” – includes buttons big enough so that people – even those […]

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Why Mobile Matters

Why Mobile Matters - Web Mobile Image

Why does “mobile” matter? Mobile matters if you are trying to reach more people. A significant – and growing – segment of your clients, prospects, and audience is using mobile devices to search and surf online.  And that segment is expected to quadruple over the next five years. The number of mobile devices is growing exponentially. […]

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