The Jay Clogg Realty project was a full-scale, soup-to-nuts redevelopment, and sets a new standard for commercial real estate websites.  It is filled to the brim with great functionality!

The centerpiece of this responsive site is the property listings.  Many realty sites link to industry-wide databases of property listings. However, in this case, the client preferred to only feature the firm’s internal listings, of which there are several hundred.  We built out a custom database for the properties, with some serious custom front-end search and filter functionality in mind.

Of note: When viewed on a mobile device, each property listing is instantly map-able (click-to-map functionality) so that people who are out on the road, shopping for office space, can easily sync the location to their GPS.

We’re very proud of how the site turned out. Please take a look at


Jay Clogg Realty Group

Jay Clogg Realty